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Lords of Xulima is set in a mythical, uncharted continent where the world makers once lived, in ancient times. The game features a vast, immersive world where you will take on the mantle of Gaulen the Explorer and his 5 companions, in their epic journey among the struggles of Gods and Men.

Play as a story-driven protagonist and customize your party for a complete role-playing experience. 10 classes and over 100 survival or combat-oriented skills. Non-linear narrative; tackle the Towers of Sorcery, Divine Temples, Impious Princes and Titans in an order which best suits your abilities. Tactical turn-based combat, player-friendly random encounter system and strategic party management – purchase scrolls, blessings, potions, food and tools for the journey. A vast, beautiful continent to explore: Lush forests, arid deserts, freezing glaciers and even the suffocating heat of a volcano, enhanced by weather effects. Castles, Towers, Temples and Caves steeped in secrets, engaging puzzles and deadly traps. Inspired by decades of fascination for old-school Eastern and Western RPG series. All presented through a modern, intuitive interface. Charming hand-drawn 2D landscapes, combined with smooth 3D modeling for character and combat animations.

Icon Arcane Soldier Icon Mage Icon Thief
Icon Cleric Icon Divine Summoner Icon Paladin
Icon Barbarian Icon Bard Icon Soldier

Header Weapon Mastery Header Armor Training
Header Body & Mind Header Special Attacks
Header Nature Header Knowledge of Items
Header Prayers of Protection Header Prayers of Restoration
Header Conjuration Header Summoning
Header Heralds Mastery Header Fire Incantations
Header Frost Incantations Header Thunder Incantations
Header Earth Incantations Header Songs of Disruption
Header Songs of Glory

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